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Tricks To Use Hair Extensions Like A Pro

Whether you are new to the world of human hair extensions or you are an expert at using clip- on hair extensions and clipping your wefts, it’s always a bonus to know some useful tips. In this article we cover some insider tricks that can help you clip your hair extensions easier and faster.

Hair Extensions

Angle the wefts of your clip- on extensions to blend with layers.
If you want to add some movement and dimension to your existing hair, or if you’ve been craving the long layered look, there’s an easy way to make it happen. All you need to do is use a 2- clip weft on either side of your head at an angle so the weft lowers towards the back and is slightly higher towards your face. This will give you lovely face framing layers

Human Hair Extensions

Change the order of the wefts to fit your head. Everyone has a different head size. Which is why we suggest you experiment with different configurations that could possibly work for your haircut and head size. You may choose to clip the wefts entirely differently or if you don’t require a lot of thickness you could forgo a 4- clip weft completely.

Clip in hair extensions

For a faster way to clip the real human hair extensions you could stack two wefts together. This is apt if you are always in a hurry to get ready in the morning, or if you have a small head and you struggle to fit in the wefts together. It’s also a great technique if you wish to try any fancy hairstyles for which you need to put all your hair up. It will give you the same fuller look even though the space you get to work with is less. What you need to do is simply clip one weft on top of the other so you get enough thickness but you need to just worry about clipping one weft instead of two onto your head.

Hair Extensions

Fold the wefts of the clip- in hair extensions to create extra volume if you want to wear thick braids. All you need to do is fold a 3- clip weft on top of itself before you attach it. Section the part of your hair you are going to braid and then clip the weft underneath so that it blends with your natural hair. Finally, braid your hair as you’d like and you will get a gorgeous thick braid.

Clip in human hair extensions

Use single clip wefts for extra thickness for your braids. Single clip wefts are helpful when you want to create smaller braids. All you need to do is part your hair and section it before you attach it. Next, braid your natural hair and the weft together so it blends perfectly.

We have tried to share with you some hacks for your real human hair extensions. Incase you need any kind of assistance and/ or if you are interested in customized human hair extensions in India, call or WhatsApp on +91 9867200003 / + 91 9967123333.