Cancer Wigs: Planning in Advance.

Cancer treatment can be a difficult and challenging journey for anyone. It’s not only physically draining, but also emotionally draining. One of the side effects of cancer treatment is hair loss, which can be distressing for many patients. A cancer wig is an effective solution that can help patients feel confident and comfortable during their treatment journey.

Planning ahead is crucial when it comes to choosing a cancer wig. It’s important to start thinking about your wig options early, as you want to ensure you have the right wig in place when you need it. Here are some tips to help you plan ahead and make the best choice for you:

Consult with your doctor

The first step in planning for a cancer wig is to consult with your doctor. Your doctor can provide you with information on what to expect from your treatment, including the expected duration and extent of hair loss. This information can help you make an informed decision on the type of wig you want to choose.

Research your options

Once you have an idea of what to expect, it’s time to research your wig options. There are many types of wigs available, including synthetic wigs, human hair wigs, and custom wigs. It’s important to consider the type of wig that best suits your needs, as well as your budget.

Check out the video of the wig : 

Once you’ve chosen the type of wig you want, it’s better to see a video of the wig . This is an important step as it ensures that it more or less looks like how u want.. You may also want to consider having a wig fitting once your hair is shaved off  as this will give you a good idea of what to expect. Accordingly , alternations can be done based on your changes. 

Get recommendations

It’s always helpful to get recommendations from other cancer patients. They can provide you with valuable insights and advice on what to look for in a wig, as well as their experiences with different wig providers.

Plan your budget

Wigs can be expensive, so it’s important to plan your budget in advance. The natural looking double drawn hair wigs which are customized are not cheap .You must be prepared for atleast Rs.30,000 onwards .

Look for specialist wig providers

When it comes to choosing a cancer wig, it’s important to look for specialist wig providers. In Mumbai, India, Alchemane is a renowned wig provider that specializes in cancer wigs. They offer a wide range of wigs, including synthetic wigs, human hair wigs, and custom-made wigs. Their wigs are designed to provide comfort and a natural look during chemotherapy.

Custom-made wigs

Custom-made wigs are a great option for those who want a wig that is tailored to their individual needs. Alchemane offers custom-made wigs, which are designed to match the client’s hair color, texture, and length. This makes it easier for patients to feel confident and comfortable during their treatment journey.

Consider the location

When choosing a wig provider, it’s important to consider the location. Alchemane has a presence in Mumbai and we do Online orders for Cancer wigs , making it easier for patients in other cities to access their services. With their specialisation in cancer wigs, patients can be assured of receiving the best possible service and support.

Read reviews

Reading reviews from other patients can give you a good idea of the quality of service and wigs offered by a wig provider. Alchemane has received positive reviews from their clients, who have praised their high-quality wigs, professional service, and support throughout the wig-fitting process.

In conclusion, when choosing a cancer wig, it’s important to plan ahead, consider your options, and find a specialist wig provider. Alchemane, with their specialisation in cancer wigs and presence in Mumbai and Pune, offers a wide range of wigs, including custom-made wigs, and provides professional and supportive services to their clients