Alchemane Hair Extensions In India

From Hair Toppers for Women to all kinds of Permanent and Clip-on Extensions Be it long flowing tresses, voluminous hair or colored locks, you should be able to choose your hair, as well as it’s style, color and texture. To this end, we’ve developed a range of unique and premium Hair Extensions Products & Services. They not only allow you to wear your hair the way you like it, but are also a 100% natural and chemical-free.


Why choose Alchemane Hair extensions?

Trained Extensionists

All our technicians are professionally trained in hair extensions

Complete Salon Service Available

A lot of extensions need to be blended with your natural hair , cut ,color , styled ,etc.
Our salon has extremely trained stylists in 15 years of experience in haircuts and
colouring .

15 years of experience

Due to 15 years of experience, we are able to deliver high quality products that match the client's needs.

100% Human remy hair

We use only 100% human hair for all our extensions

Double drawn remy hair

We use the highest quality hair with all cuticles in same direction, and thick ends.

High Quality Gauranteed

Incase you find a single strand of synthetic hair in our hair extensions/ hair wigs, we provide money back policy.

Exclusive videos access

We share a lot of informative videos related to aftercare, right products and styling exclusively with our clients.

Pre-Cut, Ready-to-wear

Our extensions are cut in minimal layers which blends beautifully with you naturalhair , 100% Ready to wear.

Celebrity clientele

We practically supplied to most of the bollywood celebrities .We have been one stop
of the celebrity stylists to get the extensions designed by us .


We understand that some individuals have specific requirements in terms of length, cut, color, etc. in such cases we fully customize the hair extensions to fully suit the individuals needs.

Our Hair Transformations

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Why chose Alchemane Hair Extensions

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Customized Hair Wigs For Cancer Patients

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Clip in Hair Extensions

Clip in hair extensions are the simplest form of extensions to use. Within a few minutes you can have longer, voluminous hair. These are non permanent extensions and are available at Alchemane in various colors and lengths.

Clip in human hair extensions give you longer, thicker hair almost instantly. Even if the length of your hair is short, you can put the extensions on and walk out with a complete makeover. You are also able to experiment with your style, get a new look or appearance whenever you desire since a variety of colors are available.

Our main aim being to provide the best of clip in hair extensions in Mumbai without compromising on the quality.

Pros :

  • CLIP IN HAIR EXTENSIONS can be attached and removed easily within minutes.
  • No salon professional needed
  • Immediate results
  • Easier to style
  • Least permanent

Cons :

  • Not suitable for people who want the extensions to stay in their hair for a longer time.
  • Compared to other methods of extensions, there is less movement.

A full head could use about anywhere between 1 to 15 strips of clip in extensions. No trained stylist required for installing the Clip-On Extensions.
Application Time : 10 to 15 minutes
Tools Required : Hair clips & Weave comb

Tape Hair Extensions

Tape hair extensions in mumbai are among the most popular semi permanent hair extensions procedures due to the quick installation and easy maintenance. At Alchemane, you can choose tape extensions between 15 to 25 inches. No damage is done to the hair during the application or the removal. We are the leading brand for tape in hair extensions Mumbai : we provide micro tape extensions, natural remy tape extensions, hidden tape extensions and also tape in bunches for specific sizes.

Tape hair extensions are among our bestsellers and the most popular as the method of application is extremely simple. You can have fuller and longer hair in less than an hour. The extensions can be fully customised to suit your needs in terms color, length and texture. Since they are made from real human hair, and stuck to your own hair, they look perfectly natural.

Pros :

  • Easy and quick to apply and remove.
  • Tape extensions are easy to maintain
  • Extremely light weight
  • Optimum comfort
  • No heat or glue

Cons :

  • Only lasts for 1 to 2 months
  • Less movement as compared to glue extension

Pre taped weft of hair is typically sandwiched on either side of the natural hair.
Application Time : 30 to 45 minutes
Lasts : 1 to 2 months
Tools Required : Hair clip & Weave comb

Micro Ring Hair Extensions

Micro ring hair extensions in Mumbai involves tiny copper rings, which are silicone lined, to attach each of your new copper ring hair extensions to your own hair. This method is one of the safest application methods and is very popular.

Pros :

  • Easy and quick to apply and remove.
  • Comparatively faster
  • Last 3-4 months
  • Re-useable and Re-adjustable
  • No heat or glue

Cons :

  • Rings are detectable if you have very short hair (a few inches)
  • Not recommended if you have easily breakable hair.

A full head could use about anywhere between 100-300 strands. It is recommended that a trained and certified stylist use this technique because of potential hair breakage due to the squeezer.
Application Time : 1 hour to 1.5 hours
Tools Required : Hair clips, Pliers, Needle, Rings & Scalp Protector

Glue/Keratin Bond Hair Extensions

A keratin bond (located at the root of the hair extension) is heated and fused with your natural hair, with the help of the Hair Extension Iron. These keratin bond hair extensions are highly durable, secured and one of the most popular methods.

Pros :

  • One of the most secure methods of applying hair extensions
  • Comparatively, they last for a longer time
  • You can place each strand according to the requirement of the client
  • Maximum movement

Cons :

  • Application takes a long time, depending on the number of strands needed
  • Not advisable for very thin or over-processed hair

A full head could use about anywhere between 100-300 strands. It is recommended that a trained and certified stylist use this technique because of potential hair loss and possible burning of the skin by the iron.
Application Time : 2 to 3 hours
Last 4-5 months
Tools Required : Hair clips, Finger Protector, Scalp Protector, Glue Iron & Weave comb

Silk Hair Toppers For Women
  • Hair Toppers are a form of clip- in hair extensions designed for people facing hair loss in the crown area
  • They are also used to add volume to a flat crown, or for a more glamorous look. .
  • Silk Hair Toppers are also useful for women who want to cover their grey hair.
  • In some cases, they are also used to cover scars or bald patches in the crown area.
  • Hair toppers For Women have a very natural looking skin base and very carefully implanted hair that looks like its growing from the scalp
  • There are different bases like, silk-base, lace-base and monofilament-base toppers.
  • Hair Toppers for Thinning Hair are usually very comfortable to wear and they are secured with premium quality clips.
Halo Extensions
  • Halo extensions are temporary extensions. They are the easiest type of extensions to wear.
  • These extensions are made from sheets of hair stitch attached to the net/mesh fabric. There is a nylon transparent string attached to either end of the hair piece.
  • The extensions are fixed under a bit of your natural hair, so that it blends with the layers.
  • The nylon string then sits on top of your head to secure it. This string is adjustable and can be made tight or loose to properly hold the hair extensions
  • The string is not visible as it is a very fine string, and transparent. So it blends with your natural hair.
  • Halo extensions provided by us, can also be customized to your exact texture and colour.
Cancer Patient Wigs

We, at Alchemane, understand the aftereffects of a chemo or radiation therapy both on your physical as well as emotional well being. We are here to help you to be able to cope and deal better with the added agony of hair loss. Unlike other cancer patient Wigs in Mumbai that are made from synthetic or chemically treated hair, that also damage the scalp, our wigs are made from 100% double drawn remy human hair which is the best quality in the world, to look and feel just like your own hair. our base is also breathable, which makes the wig very comfortable.

We provide custom made wigs for men, women or children suffering from cancer, alopecia or any other medical conditions due to which one may suffer from hair loss. Our misson is to make your journey as easy and comfortable as possible and ensure you are able to regain your confidence. Browse through our gallery for images of hair wigs and call us for a free consultation, our compassionate staff will be more than happy to help you.

  • Human hair wigs help achieve the most natural look. Hair looks and feels like one’s own.
  • Meant for cancer patient and women with very scanty hair.
  • Replicate the exact hair style, color, length, volume and texture.

Pros :

  • Looks very natural
  • Comfortable
  • Secured
  • Easy to use

Cons :

  • Regular washing and styling of the wig is required on a weekly basis.

Wigs for Cancer Patients

Those suffering from cancer undergo treatments such as chemotherapy that drastically decrease or eliminate hair on one’s body.  Even though hair may not be the most important of concerns for a cancer sufferer, most women find comfort in wearing a hair wig.

Wigs for Alopecia and Other Conditions

Every year, thousands of men and women in India are affected by alopecia, a less well known condition.  Alopecia is a disease of the hair follicles, where in the person could lose hair only in small patches, also known as alopecia areata, or in rarer cases, from every area of the body, known as alopecia universalis.  The condition is highly unpredictable and difficult to treat.  Hence, one of the most practical solutions would be to wear a natural human hair wigs.  The same is advisable for those suffering from any other condition that causes hair loss.

Some Suggestions When Choosing Your Hair Wig

  •  Hair Density: A hair wig should not be too heavy in density as it can look fake and unnatural. Make sure you choose one that is light in density to make it look more real.
  • Hairstyle: The thought of getting a full head of hair can get exciting for someone who is suffering from a serious hair loss condition. Even then we suggest you stick to your original hairstyle, the kind you had before the hair loss, so it looks just like your own hair.
  • Customized hair wigs: Each head shape is different. Hence we recommend you invest your money in a good quality customized hair wig or hair system which will suit your requirements.  Ready to wear hair pieces are always available but may not fit as well as custom made hair wigs.
  • Front Hairline: The front hairline of a hair wig or hair system is the most important, as it gives away signs of the hair piece being real or not. For a natural front hairline, tell your hair replacement expert to get one made for you with lace front. The lace fabric is very fine and gives a scalp like appearance, which makes the hair wig look perfectly natural.
  • Silk base: Those with no budget constraints, can go for one with a silk top base. This makes it look even more natural than the lace wig, like the hair is coming out of one’s scalp.  However, such wigs take 2 months to be manufactured, and require planning in advance.

Types of Hair Wigs

  • Full cap wigs: are meant to cover your entire head with no hair left out.  In some of the wigs you may have to leave some of your own hair out, so that it looks more real.
  • Clip on hair wigs: are attached to one’s own hair with small snap on clips. These are easy to attach and stay secure due to the clips.
  • Tape or glue wigs: are ideal for those who want to wear their wigs 24/7. A wig adhesive is applied around the hairline, and once it’s dry, the wig is placed on the head.  A fine toothed comb is then used to press the front edges of the wigs, so it sticks on to the adhesive.

If you are looking for hair extensions, you will require some amount of guidance and assistance to help you choose the thickness and length and whether you should opt for permanent or semi permanent. At Alchemane, we provide an array of choices in hair extensions and our staff is more than happy to help you with all your needs concerning hair extensions in Mumbai & india.

If you would like to know the permanent hair extensions cost in Mumbai, feel free to get in touch with us and our staff will provide you all the information you need. The extensions are fixed to your own hair, as close to the scalp as possible, so that they are completely undetectable and hence you will require a professional to fix it as well as to remove it.

Due to our in depth knowledge, experience and expertise in the professions, we are known as the best hair extensions company online in Mumbai. Our extensions are well known for their superior quality, low maintenance, durability and shine. We make customized hair extensions to suit your requirements in terms of length, texture and color.

We Specialize In Customization

Many a times, you may be looking for a particular length, particular volume, specific color, specific base design, which may not be available with us, in stock. In such cases, we advise getting your extensions customized according to your specific requirement.

Customized hair extensions blend seamlessly because all aspects of hair extensions, i.e. volume, color, length, texture and base design, can be matched to your requirement to achieve the desired look.


Application of Permanent Hair Extensions

Our Extensionists specialise in the Extensions application, having 10+ years of experience . Extensions is a different subject altogether and we believe you need to get it done from highly trained , skilled extensionists ( and not a regular hair stylist ) because there is always a risk of you natural hair being damaged .
Salon Location : Mumbai ( KHAR ,West )
At our salon , we provide complete professional Salon services as well The Designing of your look which includes choosing the right color , the right density , the right blending with your natural hair is headed by our Co- Founder Vinitt Dessai ( Instagram : vinittdessai ) who has been in the salon industry for 15+ years.
He has won several awards in the hair industry and a huge list of Bollywood clientele like Madhuri Dixit , Shilpa Shetty, Raveena Tandon , Deepika padukone , to name a few.

Services we offer :
A.) Application of new set of Extensions
B.) Removal of extensions
C.) Re-gluing , Re-taping , Re-ring
D.) Re application of the old set of extensions
E.) Deep conditioning
F.) Hair colouring ( Balayage, Highlights , Global Hair colour )
G.) Cystiene / Keratin Treatment .
H.) Wash and dry
Once you are a part of the Alchemane family , we do provide Home Service in
selected areas , post Covid-19 , maintaining all safety measures.
( Note : Additional home service charges applicable )

Salon Services

If You are from Mumbai or usually visit Mumbai , we can take care of complete salon services along with the application.
Grey hair Touch-up :Many a times , the hair needs to be coloured or the touchup ( to cove the grey strnds ) needs to be done before the application of the extensions.

Cystiene Treatment : At times , a mild cystiene treatment is advised before the application by the stylist , purely to make your natural hair look more healthy. We use very high end premium cysteine products which will make your hair look healthy and blend better with the extensions.

Balayage / Highlights : If at you plan for a complete makeover ( color + extensions ) , our salon will be the perfect choice wherein you get the best of both,  Hair extensions and colour by our stylist Vinitt dessai who has done a number of bollywood celebrities ,who has 14+ years of experience in the salon industry and 10+ years of Hair extensions.

Wash/dry /Maintenance of Extensions : If you have bought the clip on extensions, toppers or wigs from us , you can send them to us for servicing which includes Shampooing , Deep-Conditioning , Blowdrying and tonging . We will service the extensions making it look and feel completely brand new . This extends the life of the extensions , maintains the softness and helps the extensions looking more natural .

Scalp Micro Pigmentation

It’s a process of having your scalp tattooed cosmetically tattoed with tiny dots to add density in the areas of hair loss or thinning area. It gives you the illusion of hair . Usually 3 sessions required ( Minimum gap of 5 to 7 days .


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