Tape Hair extensions

Tips To Make Your Tape- in Hair Extensions Last Longer.

Human hair extensions are the best thing to have happened to women.  Every woman dreams of having long luscious hair and with tape in hair extensions this dream can come true.  There is no heat or glue involved in the application process, and no strips sewn to the scalp.  However, proper care needs to be taken as real human hair extensions are subject to wear and tear over a period of time.

If you’ve recently purchased tape in human hair extensions, then this post is for you.  We have put down some hacks for you that can help you with proper care and maintenance for your extensions so they last longer.

Brush your hair extensions regularly.

Always keep in mind that you must brush your tape- in hair extensions regularly. You will need to use a special extensions brush for this. A regular brush will rip out the hair as the extensions need to be brushed twice daily

Hair extensions need to be attended to daily.

Apart from brushing your hair there are other things too that need to be focused on to ensure your extensions last longer. You need to pay more attention to your regular hair care regime, for example. Using safe and premium hair care products are one of the basic measures you can take. Be gentle when shampooing so you don’t scrub the extensions strips. When using any heated tools for styling, be sure to use a heat protectant spray and never use the hot iron on the tape tabs.

Caring for your extensions during sleep.

Care during sleep is just as important for the longevity of your extensions. Your extensions can get tangled which could complicate issues if proper care is not taken. So, before you sleep, brush your hair, then tie it up in either a braid, a bun or a ponytail. If, despite doing this your hair still gets tangled, try using silk pillow covers. This should definitely prevent the hair from tangling.

Making your hair extensions is not as difficult as one would thing. Following some simple precautions is enough. If you need any further assistance regarding customized human hair extensions, do call or WhatsApp on +91 9967123333/ +91 9820116273.