Hair Extensions

Reasons You Should Wear Hair Extensions

Have you always considered buying human hair extensions, but were never sure if it was worthwhile, even if they are the best quality hair extensions?  It’s no surprise that real human hair extensions are great to add volume and length to your existing hair.  But did you ever think of other reasons why hair extensions could be useful?  Like hiding a haircut that’s gone terribly wrong, or experimenting with funky hair colors without any damage to your own hair.

We’re here to help you make a sound decision.  In this article, we have listed some reasons why hair extensions are a good investment.


Have you ever wondered why your hair won’t grow beyond a certain length, no matter how much you take care of your hair? You may be really patient and gentle with your hair, but this issue could get really frustrating. In such cases, real human hair extensions are the ideal solution for you. You can get longer, thicker hair in a matter of minutes.

Bad haircut

Some of us have had the experience of going for a haircut, and coming out of the salon with a really bad style that we are just not happy with. This problem can be easily fixed with hair extensions. Clip- in hair extensions is a true savior while you are waiting for your hair to grow out.

Hair color

You may have at some point felt like experimenting with a new hair color but it’s possible you were afraid that it could look bad or cause possible damage to your own hair. Hair extensions make it possible for you to try new trends in hair colors without any damage done to your natural hair. Tape in hair extensions for example can be used to add bold chunks of color if you like or add the highlights you’ve been thinking of trying. If your not happy with the color, you can just take them off, so you are pretty safe.

Hair volume

Hair loss can affect you self- confidence big time. If your hair has thinned over a period of time, or you have been suffering from serious hair loss, 100% real human hair extensions are great to get back the volume you’ve lost. At Alchemane, we provide fully customized hair extensions to fit your specific needs. Feel free to give them a try.

If you are looking for extra volume just to add some glamour to your style, adding a few wefts of hair extensions would be perfect. There are different types of hair extensions available. You need to check with an expert to see which type would be suitable for your hair depending on your requirement.


When you have more length and volume, you are able to experiment with different styles like braids or ponytails. Just a few wefts of hair extensions are good enough for these styles to make them look more intricate and voluminous.

Also, hair extensions are a great way to add that extra spice to your look for special occasions and weddings. You can achieve those voluminous curls you’ve always envied celebrities for.

No damage

Hair extensions do no damage to your hair if a professional does the application. So be sure to get it done from the right person.

Ease of use

Clip- on hair extensions can be fixed onto your hair within minutes. Application is very simple to do. That’s the best part about these extensions.

The best part about hair extensions is having the option of wearing your hair both long and short at times. If you require any assistance regarding the same, call us on +91 9967123333/ +91 9820116273.