Clip-In Hair Extensons

Mistakes You Could Be Making With Clip- On Extensions

With clip in hair extensions, one can achieve any hair length, hair color or style.  They are perfect for you, if you are just looking at adding some length and volume to your hair during the day as they need to be taken off at night.  Clip- ons are also the simplest to use and the least committal extensions as compared to any other kind of real hair extensions, but there are some rules that need to be followed when using them.  In this article we will guide you through the dos and don’ts for clip hair extensions.

Sleeping with clip- in hair extensions

It’s possible that you come home really late at night, and your just too tired to take off your hair extensions.  However, this is something you must never do.  Sleeping with clip- ins can lead to tangling and matting of the hair, which in turn reduces the life of the hair extensions, even if they are the best quality clip on hair extensions.  Its best if you take out some time, remove the hair extensions, and then go to bed.

Washing instructions for clip- ins

Washing your hair extensions is extremely vital, as it helps to get rid of any product you have used while styling, so that its natural texture is restored.  If you are wearing your hair extensions every single day, make sure you wash them on a weekly basis.  However, if you wear them only for parties and special occasions, you could wash them after you’ve worn them 3 to 5 times. Also, if any product is used, it must be washed out as soon as you take off your hair extensions.

Your natural hair receives the nutrients it needs, but because clip in hair extensions is not attached to your scalp it does not get any kind of nourishment, unless you supply it.  When you use any kind of products for your extensions, these products contain harmful chemicals and the product build up can cause damage to the hair. The lifespan is shortened and your ability to style the hair extensions gets very limited.  Hence, it is advisable to use products that are sulfate free, so they are mild enough for the hair.

Use the right products

Always use the right product for your hair extensions the way you would use for your own hair. Seek guidance from a hair extension expert. This ensures your clip on human hair extensions will last longer.

We hope this article is of help to you, so you can avoid making the same mistakes.  For further assistance regarding custom made clip on hair extensions, do Call or WhatsApp on +919967123333.