Hair Extensions

Aftercare Tips For Hair Extensions.

Human hair extensions are a great investment for every woman. Where you’ve bought a set of clip- on hair extensions that you wear occasionally or you are using semi- permanent extensions such as micro- ring hair extensions, glue hair extensions or tape extensions, extensions always add that extra glamour to your look.

However, just buying and applying the hair extensions is not enough. If you want your real human hair extensions to look good always, we suggest you follow some aftercare tips. In this article we’ve shared with you some practical tips for you to follow based on our years of experience in the hair extensions industry.

Everyday Maintenance

Use a sulfate free shampoo and conditioner to wash the hair extensions. Sulfate free products are mild and don’t’ strip the hair off moisture.
Use conditioner only at the ends, never at the roots as this could cause the bond to loosen incase you are using tape hair extensions. Rinse thoroughly to avoid any product buildup.
Ensure your real human hair extensions are well nourished by using an argan oil or serum at the ends.
Use a heat protectant spray incase you are using any heated tools for styling the extensions.
Brushing and Sleep Care


Always use a professional extension brush to avoid any hair breakage or damage. Begin brushing your extensions from the bottom and work your way to the top carefully. Since the extensions are attached to your own hair, be sure to be gentle as pulling your hair while brushing will cause damage to your own hair.


Make sure your hair extensions are dry before you sleep. Sleeping with wet hair extensions could lead to tangling and eventually breakage. You could also braid your hair and sleep to avoid tangling.

Lifestyle Concerns

1. Avoid salt water as it dehydrates the hair, which in turn makes it dry and frizzy.

2. Avoid chlorine in swimming pools by using a swimming cap as the chlorine could cause matting and discoloration.

3. Use a UV protection spray as direct sunlight could discolor human hair extensions.

4. Avoid heated tools as much as possible. However, when you do need to use, never set the temperature above 180 degrees.

Lifespan of Hair Extensions

The life of your real human hair extensions depends largely on how well you take care of them. There’s no definite guarantee one can give as to how long they will last.

Highlighted or very light color extensions have a shorter life due to the bleach content. Bleaching makes the hair weak, hence, light hair also requires more aftercare and less heat application.

Wash your extensions 2 to 3 times a week to keep them clean. However, do not excessively wash and style the extensions as this could damage the cuticle reduce the life.

Lastly, take care of your extensions the way you would take care of your own hair. Avoid too much heat to avoid damage.

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