Hair Toppers For Women In India

Our light-weight Scalp  Topper is an excellent option for women who are looking for covering the top area with a lighter density , keeping the hairline natural . They are made of extremely high quality human hair , which is single knottted . Which means you can take any parting ,comfortably .

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Hair Toppers For
Thinning Hair

About Alchemane Hair Toppers

Designed to conceal hair loss at various stages and different areas of the scalp, hair toppers come in many shapes and sizes. Some offer more coverage on the top, while others are specifically designed for the sole purpose of adding volume to thin or fine hair. Hair toppers help conceal thinning hair, hair loss and balding in the crown of the head. As It’s light weight, it’s easy to install and you’ll feel beautiful and confident after you put it in.

Alchemane Toppers have a thin net at the bottom for comfort, then a lace fabric wherein each individual strand of hair is knotted and then a silk layer on top which looks exactly like your own skin after parting the hair. Hair toppers can help you regain your confidence.

Expert Recommendations

1) We suggest natural straight texture as they are easy to manage.

2) Choose a light density topper, for natural appearance.

3) Use your natural hair in the front to make the hairline look more natural.

4) Not Recommended for women :

  1.  Are looking to add to much volume at the back with the help of toppers.
  2. Are looking to add volume in full head (Full wig is a better option for you).
  3.  Have very very scanty hair on the sides.
Price Range

Price range : Rs .18000 to 38000 .

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Why choose Alchemane Hair extensions?

Trained Extensionists

All our technicians are professionally trained in hair extensions

Complete Salon Service Available

A lot of extensions need to be blended with your natural hair , cut ,color , styled ,etc.
Our salon has extremely trained stylists in 15 years of experience in haircuts and
colouring .

15 years of experience

Due to 15 years of experience, we are able to deliver high quality products that match the client's needs.

100% Human remy hair

We use only 100% human hair for all our extensions

Double drawn remy hair

We use the highest quality hair with all cuticles in same direction, and thick ends.

High Quality Gauranteed

Incase you find a single strand of synthetic hair in our hair extensions/ hair wigs, we provide money back policy.

Exclusive videos access

We share a lot of informative videos related to aftercare, right products and styling exclusively with our clients.

Pre-Cut, Ready-to-wear

Our extensions are cut in minimal layers which blends beautifully with you naturalhair , 100% Ready to wear.

Celebrity clientele

We practically supplied to most of the bollywood celebrities .We have been one stop
of the celebrity stylists to get the extensions designed by us .


We understand that some individuals have specific requirements in terms of length, cut, color, etc. in such cases we fully customize the hair extensions to fully suit the individuals needs.

Why Neha Dhupia chose Alchemane Hair Extensions

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More Information

How do I Measure for the Size Topper I Need?

We have a detailed video about how easy it is to measure the size of our human hair silk toppers.
The link below will help you for the same.

How to place the hair topper on my Head?

Our technicians shall train you for the same when you come to our salon for the delivery of your topper.

Can I take the topper to my stylist to have it cut?

Yes you can but we cannot take responsibility after that as we would have no idea how their techniques are for cutting a silk topper

Can it be coloured?

Yes, all of our silk based toppers can be coloured just like your own hair.

How to choose a base type for hair toppers?

Depends on how natural of Remy hair topper are you looking for.

How are hair toppers attached?

Silk toppers and lace Hair toppers can be fixed to your scalp with bonded glue and can also be attached to your own hair with Clip on

How does a hair topper stay on?

 The topper would stay on your hair with the help of Glue or clips that are attached to the Natural hair topper

Do hair toppers for women ruin your hair?

No. There is no major damage to your hair with silk toppers or Lace toppers as they are just an additional topper added to your own hair non-surgically.

How do I choose a hair topper for thinning hair?

You can opt for a hair topper that provides more volume instead of length. You can always opt to add length to it later on.

Can you sleep with hair topper?

Yes you can if you have opted for a hair topper which is in a sticking method. Whereas it is advisable to remove the hair topper before sleeping if you have opted for a clip on hair topper

How can I make my hair topper in top area look natural?

Choosing a thin base with medium density is the most natural hair topper that you can choose

What is the difference between silk hair toppers and lace hair toppers?

Silk topper- 1. Most realistic
2. Versatile styling
Lace base- 1. Most breathable
2. Most natural

How long will a human hair topper last?

On an average a human Remy hair topper can last up to one year but it also depends on the maintenance